Would you like to increase your bottom line while leaving most of the work to someone else?
Who wouldn’t? At Checker Line, saving you time and increasing your profits is exactly what we do.

What does Checker Line do?

Checker Line is a Social Media Management company that helps you maximize the business potential of many of the popular social media! When you sign up for one of our affordable monthly packages, here is what you’ll get:

  • Dedicated access to a personal account executive
  • Weekly updates from your dedicated account manager
  • A guaranteed number of fans added each month
  • Weekly updates made to your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube accounts
  • Blog articles and updates written by a professional marketing writer
  • Spam and profanity monitoring and removal

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What can Checker Line’s social media management services do for you?

Every modern businessperson knows social media is an effective marketing tool essential to the survival of their online business.

Did you know running one effective social media campaign takes several hours of work every month?

At Checker Line, monthly packages begin with managing at least 2 social media accounts for you, saving you at least 10 hours of time each month!

But, if you’re like every other business owner, you are already busy with the daily operations of your business, and managing social media is just one more time-consuming task you can’t fit into your already tight schedule.

Why not save yourself some time and let Checker Line grow your profits by leveraging the incredible marketing power of social media, so you can instead focus on more essential business tasks?

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, take some time and learn about Checker Line’s different pricing plans!







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